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Taking the Trail Interested in taking the road less traveled? At Sand Valley that means heading out on one of the two trails that run throughout the resort—one a bit friendlier and the other more of a challenge. Both trails are open to the public, as well as those staying at the resort. songbird Trail: The easier of the two trails at Sand Valley, this path takes you through a sampling of the restoration and remnant areas as well as past golf land- scapes and an intact red pine plantation. It is approxi- mately 1.2 miles long and starts near Craig's porch on Sand Valley's Golf Course. Stop in the clubhouse to ask for directions to the trail. ridge Trail: This advanced three-mile trail traverses along the V ridge on the new Mammoth Dunes golf course. The trail features expansive sand blowouts, a red pine plantation, and a majestic oak savanna. Hikers will enjoy spectacular elevated views of the Mammoth Dunes course, including vistas on sand ridges as high as 80 feet above the course. This marked trail begins and ends at the Sand Valley Clubhouse. Swimming and Fishing in Lake Leopold Located beside the ninth hole at Sand Valley, Lake Leopold is an important part of the Sand Valley expe- rience. The lake, named after American environmen- talist Aldo Leopold, is perfect for a swim in the summer sun, or dipping a line in the glistening waters to try to convince a fish to bite. SV

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