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REAL ESTATE Adventure awaits For the Felkers, it's the unmatched opportunity for ad- venture offered by Sand Valley that makes their new home-away-from-home truly enjoyable. The variety of ac- tivities available allows for endless entertainment for them- selves, their children, and their grandchildren. Steve and Susan's four sons are all athletic and com- petitive—using Sand Valley's multitude of options to have fun challenges with one another. Their home provides a landscape that brings families together with a variety of options—the parents and grown sons having a post-dinner coffee while the kids play in the nearby sand dunes. August Felker, one of Steve and Susan's four sons, has four children of his own, and he says that they love the va- riety of activities available to them. "My oldest is already into golf—he loves to be out on the course—and my younger kids, in the summer, love swimming," said August. "And their most favorite thing to do is to go see the chickens." Susan says that between the expansive hiking trails, the fat tire bikes, Lake Leopold, the lively chicken coop, and of course the golf courses, there is never a shortage of fun for her family. "It's very, very family-friendly," she said. "There's so much to do here, even if you don't play golf. So, I have a hard time even saying it's just a golf resort. I think it's an amazing place." With the Felker clan scattered across the country— August and his family reside in Madison, and his other brothers, Charlie, Henry, and Teddy, live in St. Louis, San Francisco, and Chicago—Sand Valley provides a great op- portunity for the entire family to come together. "It's what we enjoy doing more than anything as a fam- ily, being active together. And that's why Sand Valley is the perfect place." The Felkers are expecting to make multiple trips a year to their new Sand Valley home and plan on renting out their space when they're not in town. They say they're even excited for some potential winter visits, when alter- native activities like snowshoeing will present a different look at the spectacular Sand Valley landscape. 48 | 49 sand valley

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