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His love for the game isn't limited to the golf course, either. Weisenbeck has operated his own golf club repair shop for nearly 35 years, a pas- sion that has grown and evolved with changes in the game. "The process of building and repairing clubs has changed quite a bit in that time," he said, laughing. "From steel to graphite—there are so many different types of shafts now—it's definitely a different experience." In the past year, Weisenbeck has seen his two worlds collide, as members of his basketball team have joined their coach as caddies at Sand Valley. "There were eight of them this year," he said, proudly proceeding to confidently name his play- ers who picked up loops this summer. "It's out- standing." Two of those players, Nick Smits and Cole Statz, are both seniors at Assumption and have played under Weisenbeck for the past four years. They say that their coach was a big reason that they joined the resort's team this season. "Coach Gary was the one that introduced me to caddy- ing," said Smits. "He told me what it was about, so I signed up the next summer and got involved right away." Both Smits and Statz agree that being able to build new relationships is one of the best parts about caddying at Sand Valley, but having some familiar faces to share in the experiences is great too. "You get to meet a lot of great people, so you make a lot of friends—even some of the other local kids that you wouldn't normally get to know," said Statz. "The connections you make are awesome," echoed Smits. "And with some of our team out there too, it's cool to have a regular group that you can talk about caddying and basketball with." 32 | 33 sand valley —gary caddying for former university of wisconsin men's basketball coach, bo ryan CADDIES

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